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The books I read in 2020

Published January 3, 2020

Continuing the tradition that I started in 2019, here are all the books that I’m reading in 2020.

Why We Sleep

Why we sleep is an exploration of all things related to, you guessed it, sleep.

The book covered the topics that I was expecting to learn about, for example, dreams and circadian rhythms. It also covered some topics that I was not expecting to learn about, for example, evolutionary pressures motivating sleep, and sleep in animals.

My biggest takeaway from this book is that sleep is very good for you in many ways. I now give myself a non-negotiable 8 hour opportunity for sleep every night after learning of the many health and cognitive benefits that adequate sleep provides.

This book was a little hard to get through. The writing jumps around a lot and is generally not cohesive. Perhaps that is intentional, as the writer states that he wants the book to put you to sleep!

Site Reliability Engineering

In progress

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big


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